If you are looking for professional photography services within or around the city of Columbia in South Carolina, you should consider giving Brian Dressler a call. Dressler runs a successful photography business with a studio that’s strategically located along Rosewood Drive.

Photography Services

ghdsahgds5He offers several photography services that include aerial photography, architectural photography, black and white portraits, food photography, industrial photography, marine photography, and product photography. They also make high-quality art prints and stock photos. Every photo is taken with the utmost care using the most advanced cameras and tools in the industry. Whether you need photos for personal or business reasons, Dressler and his team will make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.


Photography is an art which means mastering it can take years of taking thousands of photos. Every photographer has to start somewhere then hone his skills as he moves up the ladder. Dressler has been practicing his craft for over thirty years which means he has seen it all. He tried his hands on all aspects of professional photography. He experienced and witnessed how cameras and photography gear evolved through the years. He knows what cameras to use in certain situations. In short, he has both the knowledge and the experience to shoot photos that are of the highest quality possible.

Marketing Photosghsdhgds5

Dressler takes all types of photography assignments. If you take a look at their list of services, they do everything from portraits to food photography to product photography. So if you want high-quality photos of your business products that you intend in using for your marketing campaigns, Dressler can get the job done. Dressler and his team of professionals perform their services on-site or on the studio that they maintain along Rosewood Drive in Columbia. Most of the time, they go where their clients want them to go.

Restoration Services

Dressler also offers photo restoration services. If you have photographs from a time when the film was still the medium, Dressler can have them cleaned and restored to their original looks. Dressler employs professionals who are adept in restoring old photos. There’s a reason the Brian Dressler Photography Studio in Columbia is among the most trusted studios in the area. They offer high-quality services at very affordable prices. Every Dressler photo is shot with perfection in mind. If you want to learn more about Dressler and his services, you should visit his website at dresslerphoto.com, which contains dozens of sample photos from his portfolio.