After having a long tired day, nothing can help you calm and relax your body better than a massage. If you often suffer from stressful conditions, and you would like to reduce the tension felt in your muscles, consider buying a Panasonic massage chair. One of the greatest benefits that you can enjoy after you buy Panasonic massager chair is the relaxation experienced with this chair. Panasonic has been a great brand for building massage chairs, and most of their chairs have been highly rated for providing exceptional massage comfort.

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Panasonic massager chairs can operate up to 7000 hrs without experiencing any problems. Once you buy a massage chair from Panasonic, you are given a five-year warranty that is more than two to three years given by most local massage chair brands. When you buy any of Panasonic massager chair, you are assured to enjoy a massage for many years to come, and you get the best value for the money you pay for it. Most Panasonic massager chairs are not highly priced and come with many features that you can expect to find in more luxurious massage chair brands.


The new models of Panasonic massager chairs come with new features. Most of them come with heated rollers that imitate the hot stone treatment found in Spa and massage complex amenities. Additionally, unique models also provide 3D mechanical rollers, thighs and pelvis stretchers, and airbag massage systems. This great feature gives you some great therapeutic massage from the feet to head, hands and arms, thighs and hips, neck, back and calves. Some new Panasonic massager chair models allow one to guide it using the Voice Guide System with voice commands that control your massage.

hdtus5t79578046978Panasonic massager chairs come with pre-programmed massage programs that can be run. Most chairs have 15 minutes and 5 minutes of pre-programmed massage programs that leave your body relaxed and calm. If you prefer a quick massage, you can choose the 5 minutes program that will run faster.

Just like other popular products manufactured by Panasonic, all Panasonic massager chairs are very durable, reliable and high quality. Most of their chair functions and designs have been integrated with Eastern Philosophies techniques such as acupressure and Shiatsu. So if you want to buy Panasonic massager chair, don’t be fooled not to pick one. All Panasonic brands come with great warranties that provide good coverage of the product. A good warranty guarantees that the product is very original and is worth to buy.