Your baby is your bundle of joy and for any parent, whether mother or father keeping your child safe is paramount. We all want the best way to protect our child, and one thing is how we carry our baby when we go somewhere.

The Sling

You may wonder what it is, but you may have also seen them around before. ljbrlskPeople carrying babies close to their chest wrapped in a cloth-like holster tied around the body. This is known as the sling guide, baby sling. It is a great way to keep your child close to you and have your hands free at the same time.

How to buy this product

It is not that difficult to buy this item online or at a baby items shop; however, there are few things that you must pay particular attention to so that you know you are buying the best quality for your child. Here are some of the pertinent feature you should find in a well-made sling.

The Material

There are many materials that are being used to make the baby slings and some use cotton; some use jersey and some used mixed fabric, and the decision is entirely left up to you. However, do not buy one with fabric that is too thin and can easily cut or tear or the thicker ones that can bind.

The Size

Normally the width of the cloth should be about 70 cm. The length will usually vary depending on the manufacturer but generally range from 4.5 to 5 meters. The longer ones can even be worn by the father comfortably if the standard blank bonding technique is used.

The Weave

There are different material types, and some are more elastic than others. However, the cloth should also be a little stable so that it can hold the baby safely. The weave should also be breathable so that the child receives adequate ventilation.


itehtgrpkjA high-quality sling will last longer but will cost a bit more. Some are suitable for washing machines while some may require handwash. It is always better to go for the better quality ones so that you do not have to buy one again in case of damage.

There are many contraptions that allow a parent to carry their baby, however, the sling is more comfortable to the baby and even the parent. It won’t contain any plastic part like other carriers and only needs to be tied accordingly.