Why are kids stuck to screens these days? Is this a question that is related to technology? The advent of technology has come with a lot of harmful effects to people especially kids. Technologies like video games, computer games or games on handheld devices have taken the imaginations of our young ones to the extent of robbing them their childhood. Is your kid playing video or computer games instead of socializing with his friends, family or even doing homework? Is his behavior worsening as a result of gaming constantly? Many parents are concerned about their children’s behavior as regards screens.

This situation is very difficult to kids because once they become addicted to the screens it is very hard for them Kids & Screens 01actually to disentangle themselves from this habit. It is as if they have been held captive by an outside force that is unwilling to let them go. They become gaming addicts, and this will require a lot of effort from parents and even counselors actually to save them from the screens. This addiction has taken a toll of kids to the extent of becoming too engrossed on the screens and forgetting their immediate environment.

According to research, another reason kids are stuck on screens be it TV screens, DVDs or computer screens is higher levels of emotional distress and anxiety. This is because most families do not encourage their children to engage in healthy behaviors like physical activities. Research has shown that about 70% of families do not incorporate physical exercises into their day to day living. As a result, children spend too much time on Kids & Screens 02screens that take a toll on their physical and mental health. The youth develops psychiatric disorders and spends most of their free time gaming or playing computer games that are addictive in nature.

These are the reasons to the question why are kids stuck to screens these days. The lack of physical activities at home will drive most kids on screens like video screens, handheld devices screens, and all the available screens and this, in effect, reduces them into hardcore addicts who are unable to disengage themselves from this behavior. It is somehow a vicious cycle whereby the cause of one is actually the effect of the other. Addiction is a cause as well as an effect since it leads to psychological problems. Psychological problems as a result of anxiety and emotional distress will also lead to screen addiction.