When you decide to sell your home, there are several procedures that you ought to follow to ensure you sell it as soon as possible. Delays in selling can have a negative impact on your finances and even potential buyers who will be wondering why your property has not been bought after staying on the market for long. In this post, we will discuss some reasons that are likely to hinder your property from selling.

Reasons your property is not selling

Price criterion

This is a tg23wedfc6y2w7eu28i22common reason for any given property not to be sold soon after it has been listed for sale. The major culprit is overpricing. The majority of owners feel that when you quote a high price, you get a leeway to handle bargains from the prospective buyers. On the contrary, any particular property that is overpriced than 20% of market value, will fail to get even inquiries. On the other hand, a property that is listed at least 10% less than its market value, will get several customer inquiries.

Marketing strategy

One of the reasons a house is not well highlighted to grab the attention of potential buyers can also fail to get actual buyers. Ensure that listings are done in a manner that they give an adequate description of the property. It is necessary to have some photographs of the house listed with the listing. This will give you a fair idea as to what you should expect and what draws them towards the sale.


Location tg3erdf6y3we7du28i2902of the property plays a vital role in attracting potential buyers. Well managed and developed developments and localities are sought after, some localities do not have a great reputation on the market. Maybe your house is located in an area that is not likely to get many future developments. In such case, your property may fail to attract many buyers. There is not much you may do other than engaging competent agents to market your property and even bring down the expected price so as to attract potential buyers.

The above are some vital factors that can make or even break a sale. Fortunately, there are factors that can help you sell your house faster. Some of these factors include competency of your listing agent and the manner in which you market your property. Also, the prevailing market conditions have an effect as far selling your home is concerned.

Real Estate

dsdss aAre you looking for a condo to rent in Singapore? If yes, then keep on reading this article for information that will help you find the right condo with ease. While it may look an easy process, it can be quite daunting if you do not have a clue about where to start. We suggest you get in contact with professionals as they can help you.

If you do the search properly, you can save a lot of your time, money and energy. If you are new in Singapore, you may want to seek the help of a real estate agent to make the search to be easier.

The internet can also be of great help during your search for a condo to rent in Singapore. You can either use a search engine such as Google, or a website that is dedicated to providing real estate services in Singapore. When searching for the condo online, you will need to specify the features you want in order to make the search more effective.

This should include the location of the condo in Singapore, the number of rooms it needs to have, and so on. You will also need to research about the neighborhoods of the condo you are considering and make sure that they have the features you want.

Before you even start searching for the condo, you will need to set your budget. It can be so easy to overlook your budget when you find a condo that is spacious, has lovely windows, and is located in an ideal neighborhood. But if you have set a specific budget, it will be easy for you to stick to it.

You will need to figure out the expenses that you will have every month, for instance groceries, utilities, gym membership, social activities and so on. Once you do that, you will not risk putting yourself in a position of renting a condo that you cannot afford.

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After finding a condo that you think is ideal for you either through an online search or from a recommendation from a friend or real estate agent, make sure that you tour the property in person. Do not rely solely on the virtual property tours that are offered online nowadays.

The virtual tours may only show the slightest idea of what the property looks like. So be sure to make a point of visiting it in person to have a better feel of the location and have a firsthand look at the features. If the condo does not impress you, simply look for another one.

Real Estate