Cabinet maker from 1934, Borge Mogensen went from a student at Copenhagen school to design student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He further went on to design for FDB (the Danish Co-op) until he went on to become an artist in his right in 1950, with the opening of his first store. With Simple lines and strong architectural frames, his furniture became known for functionality, simplicity and stylish craftsmanship, until his death in 1972. His creations live on with the help of Fredericton who now owns the rights to his designs.

A look at the Danish Mogensen chairs

The inspiration

During his lifetime Borge gathered a range of inspiration for his chair designs from all over the world. His designs are difficult to describe but immediately you can tell they offer high quality at a high price tag. Some of his chairs will set you back around $3,0000 alone, for this, you will surely expect the highest quality of craftsmanship around.


Danish designs have long held a reputation for creativity as well as specialized designers excelling in their trade. With many designers combining their skills from various trades they produce innovative designs with unique qualities. This can be said for the Borge Mogensen Chairs.

The Available varieties.

Mogensen chairs range from simple low chairs made from oak to low cost Japanese inspired chairs made from plywood. Over the years we have seen a move into functional chairs used for commercial use in restaurants and hotels, that offer quality and comfort at reasonable prices.

As the designer grew in popularity, his designs gained more momentum, and more furniture was introduced to his range. Leather chairs, stylish footstools, comfortable sofa’s and eventually expanding into tables, his furniture creativity grew.

The Idea

The late designer’s work started out with meeting the needs of family furniture requirements and the practicalities that came with everyday use. This theme has always remained at the core of his work, and you can identify this in each of his chair designs.

One of his more famous chairs “The Spanish Chair” was crafted out of a love affair he had with an old traditional chair he came across while on holiday in Spain. It remains one of his most popular chairs to this day.

The purpose

Borge Mogensen Chairs were designed in an attempt to change the face of mass production furniture in Denmark. Mogensen intended to provide great quality, beautifully crafted chairs to a mass market and his dream changed the history of Danish furniture sales. Visit 122design hjemmeside j39 for a great variety of the original version of these furniture.



Improving old traditional pieces of furniture and combining them with modern materials allowed Borge to continue to provide original designs that were practical, useful and timeless.